Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yeah, Bubble Gum!

We thought she would love this little bubble gum flavored "treat." UMMM, not so much! I believe that at this point she has thrown up this delicious little concoction at least 4 times after we bravely tried to adminster it. I hope that she is actually receiving some of the benefits of this healing medicine. We'll see!! Posted by Picasa


dgtoftheKNG said...

Hi Emily! Thanks for a fun evening. Your hospitality was grand and the entertainment simply favorite was the new revue, "SO BIG", but the "GIGGLES IN MOTION" was also spectacular. Keep up the good have already garnered excellant reviews from the top critics...M. & B Kramer, F. & J. Foster and D. $ B. Thompson ( yes, these reviewers are EXTREMELY prejudiced)Please tell your manager I woke up with "happy feet".

dgtoftheKng said...

Sorry, I forgot to comment about dinner. The first course of strained prunes was extraordinary, but the main course of mixed grain cereal was beyond comparison. Sooooooooooo good!

Anonymous said...

So, where's the updated post already? It's not like you guys are busy or anything!! :)