Friday, September 24, 2010

WHAT Were We Thinking???

Can you even believe that we put this little nut into a big boy bed??? Although Timothy has been climbing in and out of his crib since he basically left the womb (yes, I am funny), we opened up a whole new world of freedom to him about a month ago! As seen from the post above, Emily had to have some changes to her room due to baby sister's arrival. Derek and I figured we would have to deal with him transitioning to a big boy bed sooner or later anyway so, sooner it was! He actually has done fairly well...certainly a whole lot better than I ever imagined. His new trend though is wearing us out! He has greeted us in the morning this past week as early as 5:45 am!!!! Yes that's right! Now I know I have probably been spoiled in the past, but our kids are typically later sleepers usually not opening their little peepers until at least about 7am. Hopefully it is a phase that will pass! Below are pics form his first day in his bed and of him loving on his baby wearing his superhero cape. And yes that is a kitchen towel clasped around his neck...super safe right?! He and Em both prefer those to the real capes they have...too cute!

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The Moore Family said...

YAY Timothy!!! What a big boy! He looks so much like Em when he's sleeping... precious!