Friday, September 24, 2010

Uncle Dana and Aunt Cheryl's Visit

I am so thankful that my oldest brother and his wife were able to visit and see Em and TK and meet Stella for the first time over Labor Day weekend! We had a really great time and although I didn't get any pics of Emily with her uncle, they had so much fun! What an understatement it is too say that they had a few laughs together. I think one reason that Emily and all of the nieces and nephhews in our family love Dana is because he has a HUGE heart and is really just a big kid himself. He loves to cut up and chase the kids and tickle them. The best part for the kids is that he never really tires of their silly games...he always makes time to play with them! I love it! Aunt Cherly was such a kids are nuts and she played with them and laughed and truly enjoyed their crazy antics!
I am also so thankful that they were able to be with us for a really special occassion...more on that later:)
Thank you both for making the long trip was so much fun!!! We love you!

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Okay, thanks a lot for the cliffhanger!!! :)