Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Don't Even Know What to Say...

Do you see these big brown eyes? Do you know what lies beind them?'s pure sweetness and LOTS and LOTS of mischief and trouble. This child is quite literally giving me chest pains! To say that Timothy Michael is sweet is a huge understatement. As I have said before the boy is pure passion!

Today I thought he would push my mommy-freak-out-worry-me-to-death gauge over the limit! Derek and I will describe Timothy's quickness, strength, and curiousity to people and they say, "Aww...he's all boy." Yeah....and then some! You can't fully understand the physical demand of TK until you experience it first hand. In less than 30 minutes this morning, this is what he accomplished. He first climbed into the bathroom sink again (this was after I moved the stool and he moved it BACK for the third time). I redirected and as we are sitting together in Emily's room with my back to him about 1 foot away, he manges to knock off the wooden ladder to the bunkbed. It tumbles to the floor hitting the CD player on the way down. The ladder was fine as was the wall....the CD player was not so lucky. It is totally dead much to Emily's dismay. I discipline him. Maybe 5 min. later, I am again sitting in Em's room on the floor now about 2 feet away from him. He obviously gets bored playing with his "drink machine" walks to the OPEN window and pushes out the screen...COMPLETELY (as in, laying on the ground outside 2 stories down)! You can see where I am going with this. I notice he is quiet, turn his direction, then turn the other direction, see the window and LOSE MY MIND!!!! I strongly discipline him!:) Maybe a change of scenery will help. We go to his room. As I am putting something on his dresser, I turn to see him pushing on his screen!!! Seriously kid...did your mother's wild banshee screaming 2 min. prior not tell you that this was a bad idea?!?! I again discipline him.

Keep in mind this was not even 30 minutes of our day....sheesh! I am just beyond thankful to God that he is okay (as I am at the end of every day). Today was just a little more heart stopping than normal. Am I glad he is currently napping?....ummmmm...YES!!!

Pray for me!:) I need it....Oh Timothy, the stories that I will tell your precious wife one day!

He was mad at me for taking his picture instead of helping him.

Such sweet little stinkers!
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Rachael said...

I am so glad my babies were calm, GOD just knew I couldnt of handle a child like Mr. TK.....
I would of definately been sitting in a padded cell somewhere if I had experienced a day (or in your case 30 minutes) like that. But glad to see/hear he is doing good. Love and miss you guys, Rachael