Friday, September 24, 2010

Movin' on up!

Let me first say that I CANNOT BELIEVE MY TINY BABY GIRL IS IN A BUNKBED!!!! I do not know how she has grown this fast. Even though it is months away, my mind can't even process her turning 5 in January! It goes without saying that Emily was truly beside herself to receive her bunkbed!
Em stayed the weekend about a month ago with my mom and without her having a clue, we transformed her room. When she came home, her room was rearranged with a new bunkbed and new bedding. I loved seeing her face when she walked in! Excuse the pics being so blurry. Because she was bouncing up and down I didn't get good shots, but you get the picture...she was excited! And so was her little brother. It will be so fun when he can sleep in there with her. They have already asked:)
It was necessary for the sake of space, but I think that we would have done it anyway. Emily had been begging for a bunkbed for over a year, way before we even knew about Stella. She is loving every minute of it! Things like this make me miss being a kid! Derek and I LOVE seeing joy like this in our kid's eyes. We are blessed and I am thankful they get to experience things like this!

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The Moore Family said...

Wow! I love your new bunk bed Em!!! What a big girl you are! Karen, it was great texting with you today, thank you for the encouragement. Love you dearly friend.

laurie said...

I can just feel and hear her excitement through the pictures!! The bed looks great and I'm sure they all will have many sleepovers in the years to come. What a fun sibling treat!!

Rachael said...

So glad you finally were able to get the bunk beds for Miss Emily. Love the pictures her room looks very pretty.
Keep TK away from the top bunk because before you know it he will be flying off like Superman!!!