Friday, September 25, 2009

The Power of Advertising!!!

Those of you that know Emily at all are familiar with her love for all things that are, tools, future aspirations of being a builder or a fireman, or wearing her pink Converse with super girly dresses! We can safely establish her love for her Handy Manny Tools. She puts them to bed every night. She has a very particular order that she puts them in and then covers them up. This happens Every. Single. Night!!! She doesn't watch Handy Manny that frequently, but loves it when she does. Recently her new wish has been for the big Handy Manny Repair Shop that is advertised on Disney...I HATE commercials! I usually try to bypass the commercials by turning the TV off right ofter a show or turning it on just before Imagination Movers is coming on (her very favorite still)! Emily has asked us for this repair shop thing at least once a day for the past 2 weeks. She wants to look at it every time we go to the store. She talks constantly about all the things she could build with it. She is obsessed! And this is from a kid that hardly ever asks for any specific type of toy. I can recall only a couple of times when she got upset at the store if she couldn't have something. Derek and I have to remind her DAILY that it can go on her Christmas list but that doesn't mean she will really get it. Okay so this is the funny part! I wish I had it on video, especially b/c of her cute voice...

Me (in the next room changing TK's nasty diaper): "Em, you can turn the TV on..Movers should be on now."
Emily: "I turned it on's a commercial."
Me: "okay buddy, you can leave it on until Movers comes on."
Emily (as if trying to convince me): "Mommy, I just saw the Handy Manny Repair Shop commercial (pronounced: 'tuh-mercial') and they said that it was good for celebrating children's accomplishments (pronounced: 'uhtompwishments')!!!"

Well then...I guess that means we have to buy it!

what a stinker!!
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Supabloggasuprememama said...

too cute.

katie said...

my favourite part was how she said, "it was good for celebrating children's accomplishments." she's so smart!