Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Burning Calories at the Kramers!

A very normal activity in our house is dancing...imagine that! Emily loves this CD that she got from Vada's bday party! Please ignore the "country" voice in the background...who is that?;)

SO...this is for Benji! We like to "get low" on occasion and it is always with the thought of Benji in our minds:) Again, please ignore how ridiculous I sound in the background!

This is a bit longer, but so funny! I can't believe how strong this kid is! The funniest part to me is that Emily could totally care less about what is going on and really just wants to watch Imagination Movers. I love her response when Derek asks what she thinks about Timothy being so strong! At least I know where all of TK's calories are going!


Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

So precious, Karen! Thanks for sharing. Miss you!

Benji and Rebekah said...

Get Low!!! HA..that cracks me up. They are sooo cute dancing...