Thursday, July 02, 2009

Much Updating with Slideshows, Videos, and More!

It has taken some time to get settled this week. I feel like we have been running like crazy over the past month. We knew it was going to feel a little nutso traveling so much with 2 young kids, but we had no clue as to what we were really in store for! Overall, they did fantastic, but we had some tough days for sure.

If you are new to the blog or just missed what we've been up to, here's the rundown. We traveled (by plane) to VA for Derek's mom's 60th bday and his little bro's 30th. I was there for 2 weeks and Derek left after a couple of days to go back to work. While in VA, I also traveled to see my family a couple of hours away. We were gone for 2 weeks and then I flew back to Nashvegas with Em and TK...finally reuniting with my hubby!

We had about 2 weeks at home and then left for California. After we secured a place for our two furry children, Gizmo and Bear, (thank you Coutcher's and Ana!!!) we spent a whole day flying to San Francisco and then driving to Sonoma Cty. (Healdsburg to be precise) for a dear friend's wedding that Derek and Emily were in. Oh and I should mention here that the night before we left, RIGHT before Emily got in bed, she was dancing around the living room and twisted her foot...BAD!! She went to bed and woke up the next morning at 5am to catch our plane with a really swollen foot...poor thing! Let me just say that going through security was F-U-N!!!! The absolute highlight of this day was seeing Benji, Rebekah, and Caroline at our layover in Dallas! I did not want to say goodbye to them!! The absolute low point of the day was on the long flight from Dallas to San Francisco. All 3 of our seats were not together. Surely we thought someone would at least give a seat up so that one of us could sit with Em. The flight attendant asked 3 PEOPLE and they ALL SAID NO!!! Unbelievable!! I was almost in tears thinking that Emily, at 3 years old, was going to have to sit by herself. Everyone around us saw and heard what was going on and no one would move. Finally, as we were just succumbing to the harsh reality, a woman walked on the plane and gave up her seat and then another woman got on and they both moved to let Derek sit with Em and me across the row. Thank you sweet sweet women...wherever you are!!!!

Finally we got to San Francisco, then drove to Healdsburg, had the wedding activities, took part in one of the most beautiful weddings ever and then drove to Carmel a couple of days later. We stayed there from Sun. until Sat. morning and it was wonderful. We enjoyed lots of things (more on that below) and were blessed by the whole experience! This past Sat. we traveled all day again and got back to Nashville around 9pm. We stopped by my mom's to pick up our car and say hi to my family that was visiting and then headed home. To say we were tired, well...........

On the drive to our house, D and I smiled as we talked about our anticipation of greeting our dogs, immediately putting our sleeping children directly in their own beds, taking showers in our own bathrooms, and then crawling....literally...into our own beds! That would have all been really nice, if our upstairs air conditioner wouldn't have broken in our absence causing us to sleep on our living room floor with Emily and Timothy sleeping in the pack n play in our laundry room....hahaha!!!! It's much funnier now that the air unit is fixed and I have been able to sleep!

So here we are, back in the 'Boro. Em's foot is almost healed up completely and Timothy is walking EVERYWHERE (video to come). We are super glad to be home and even got to visit with my bro's family for a couple of days. We have more family coming next week and look forward to seeing them as well. In the meantime, we will catch our breath and enjoy D's long weekend off from work!

What follows below is the choppiest post I have ever created, but it seemed the best way to catch up on everything that went on this past month. You will find video from the Cali trip, then tons of pics from the Cali trip in a slideshow, and finally further down some pics from the trip to VA. You will have to do a lot of scrolling down to catch it all. Unless of course, you are like me and just reading this part made you tired!:)


Watson Warriors said...

I cannot believe people would not give up their seat for Em. That is unbelievable! Shows what kind of world we live in. I can you resist that sweet face? Glad you are all back and safe. We definitely know what it is like to have our air break ( a few times now ) without the retreat to a downstairs air unit.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

I am glad you guys had such a nice trip and are back safe and sound! kinda jealous...right here.