Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Our Favorite Guy!

It was a fun night at home with just the four of us...per Derek's request. He is very easy to please! I made some Korean food and a chocolate cake...2 of his favorites and that was that. We all ate too much and really enjoyed being together. Unfortunately Timothy isn't much of a party animal yet and he missed the family photo...that's what happens when you crash at 8pm I guess. Emily, on the other hand, was non-stop after a piece of chocolate cake...finally crashing at 9:30!
It was a fun and sweet night. I love you Derek! Thank you for EVERYTHING you do to make our lives so wonderful! You bless us in so many ways and I thank God for all of your 35 healthy years!!!

Em and I put only one candle, b/c Derek, as she told him, is the number one Daddy! Plus 35 would have caught my table on fire! (just kidding Babe!)
Emily helping marinate the beef.
She is already asking how long it is until her bday and whose bday is next:)...gotta love it!
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Benji and Rebekah said...

What terrible friends we are. Happy Birthday D-rock!!!! You're looking younger and younger as the years pass.....well it sure is getting cold out here, better go. :) We love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Derek!!!
Hope you had great day.


Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

Happy belated birthday, DK! Thanks again for having us last weekend, it was so good to see all of you guys!!!

laurie said...

Happy Birthday Derek! I'm glad you had some sweet family time.