Thursday, July 09, 2009

He NEVER Stops Moving!

I have been promising to get video for days and while it isn't the best ever, I finally took the time to show our youngest monkey walking. He is all over the place! Usually he finds something to pull up on, gets his balance and then takes off. He is such a happy boy and has loved his new freedom because he can move around even more now...oh JOY! {enter sarcasm} Really though, he is still so little that he looks really hysterical teetering around and it is so fun to watch him discover his new abilities. He is still ridiculously actually hurts when he stands on my legs and tries to push off! A couple of days ago, he nearly crawled out of my arms and had I not hung onto his legs, he would have bitten the floor...face first! Not even 5 minutes later, he pulled a Whoodini on us and got out of his tight buckle in the stroller and was hanging upside down, head first about a foot above the concrete driveway. Lovely! I see an ER visit in our future! I just happened to be standing right there and caught him in time...thank you Lord!!

I have a feeling this kid is going to give us a run for our money!


Benji and Rebekah said...

I cannot believe he's walking. That would have been useful at the airport:) Just kidding. He looks so fast. I feel sorry for you. Hope you have good insurance!

JSM said...

You are the only mother I know who tells their child "Play the drums...!"