Sunday, October 19, 2008

Timothy Meets His Grandpa!

Emily got to see her Grandpa this weekend (Derek's Dad) and Timothy met him for the first time. Timothy has already met his Halmee, but because of D's Dad's travel schedule, he had been gone a lot of the past 2 months, but we were so excited that he took the time to come see his first grandson. Timothy is the 4th generation of Kramer men alive right now...I think that is pretty awesome. I am hoping that he gets to meet his Great-Grandpa Kramer in Cali very soon! Timothy seemed to enjoy his Grandpa's company, but there is no doubt that Emily had the best time with her "Drampa." It definitely helped that he showed up first thing with a new race car track:) Just Kidding...actually we are always shocked at how much Emily CANNOT be swayed with gifts!

We had a really fantastic time with D's dad and can't wait to all get together again. It makes me even more anxious for all of my family to meet our sweet son and to see Em. My mom is the only person on my side to have met Timothy and I am dying for him to meet all of his uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandpa!

As you can see below, we got some cute pics of our time together! Dad K...we love you so very much and had such a wonderful visit with you! We cannot wait to see you again soon!

Now...we are anxiously awaiting Uncle Sean's arrival in about a week and a half..can't wait!!

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Kolby said...

What precious pictures!! I can't wait to finally meet Timothy in person next month. He's gotten so big already.

JSM said...

Wow... who knew Timothy had a magic head? :)