Friday, October 31, 2008

Some New News:)...

We got some great, wonderful news this week!!! The nurse called yesterday and told us that Timothy's ultrasound showed no fluid on his brain and no hemorrhaging. Had they found either of these things, Timothy would have required immediate treatment so we are so very thankful!

The next step is the "big" appt. at Vandy with the neurologist on Nov. 21. At that appt., we have been told that the doc will meet with us and examine Timothy (no idea what that consists of) and then decide whether or not he will want Timothy to have a CT or MRI (hopefully neither:). We will keep everyone posted. Thank you for your continued emails, calls, and prayer...they are all such a blessing and encouragement!

On other news, Emily is totally thrilled about dressing up as Elmo tonight and getting to eat candy! What a treat for her (and me:)!!! Timothy will be snuggled up in the sling so he will be sporting a glow-in-the-dark shirt that says "this is my costume." Cute huh?...his Halmi (D's mom) sent it to him. D's brother, "Untel Sean," is here and Em has been loving every second of that. She is excited that he will be with us tonight. My biggest concern for the evening is how I will trick Em into thinking that her candy isn't really disappearing as I remove and put it in another bag throughout the night! Isn't that just downright terrible of me?...oh well!:)

I added some pics to the photo album of our recent Pumpkin Farming experience. I don't think any of the pics are too fabulous as Emily was being somewhat of a little toot that day! Nevertheless, they are in the album along with some other funny ones! You might notice that there are no pics of us as a family sweetly sitting on haybails enjoying the with 2 kids is a bit different....There's always next year!:)

Hope you all eat lots of candy tonight!!!


Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

That is awesome news, Karen, praise the Lord! I'm rejoicing with you, and we'll keep praying for adorable little Timothy!

I called the other day, but you don't have to call back. Just want to catch up sometime... whenever you get a chance. It can still be next weekend when Derek's out of town.

Love you!

The Hester Family said...

What good, encouraging news! You guys have been in our prayers. Little Timothy is growing like a weed!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

great news! definitely still praying for you guys. those pics are precious.