Monday, July 28, 2008

Moving Along... more ways than one! As you can see below, Emily is all about any type of moving, riding vehicle/play-toy these days. I mentioned in a previous post that she is crazy about cars, just like another someone in our house. She constantly wants to drive the car, sit in the car, look at Daddy's car magazines (we had to put a stop to that as she almost ripped one in half last week!). Today we met Derek for lunch and he had mentioned to her that there were some cars in his lobby...yeah that was all she talked about until we got there. Once we had lunch with D and had to drop him off back off at his office, she cried for about 10 minutes on the way home b/c she wanted to see the cars again...sheesh! Can't she love anything girly like her mommy?

Had to crop this little gem of a picture...she was a bit on the indecent side:)

Upon D's recommendation, we took Em's tricycle to the playground where I literally had to run to catch up with her.

And onto the other "moving along" news of the day...we had our first baby check this morning and little junior is doing great. I was 50% effaced and 1.5 cm. dilated. And, while I would love to get excited about that, I know I could be walking around without anymore progress for weeks. So, I'll just be thrilled at this point that he is healthy and growing! Maybe we will keep moving along and decide on a name soon too! Hah! Now I am thinking that we have waited so long, we may just wait until he is born to announce it.

We'll keep updating on any progress!

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JSM said...

Okay.. I'll admit it..
She looks like Derek in that last pic!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

oh my goodness. those pigtails are too precious!