Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy 4th and Sunny Days!

Not much to say today. I have just really been thinking about how very thankful I am that we live in the country we do. Often, when I am out enjoying things with my family and friends, I think about the sacrifices of SO many others that make it possible to do those daily things that I too frequently take for granted. Freedom is definitely not free and I am grateful on this eve of our Independence Day for all of those that serve so sacrificially. I wish I could thank everyone of our servicemen and women personally! And on a side note...there is a place in the 'Boro called Goin' Postal on Thompson Lane and they are doing some really awesome things for ou military. If you have time, stop in and check out what they are doing. I have the care package list on my fridge and have begun picking things up already. And they are also a great postal place as well. Unlike UPS, they don't charge extra for stamps and they put out coffee and cookies for their customers! The sweet lady even has popsicles for kids that she gives to take home and freeze...yea! I know great customer service!! Like I said, they are doing some really cool things for our soldiers so the next time you are over by Aldi's and Frida's Mexican Grill, check them out!

The pics below are from a day that we went with our Karen (no not like my name...more like "Ku-rin") friends from Burma to the splash pad. I got a great group shot, but am hesitant to post it because I don't have their permission. I was blessed to be able to spend time teaching English and enjoying these dear friends over the past few months. They are amazing to say the least and a wonderful reminder of just how thankful we should be to live in our country!!

Emily is a hoot as you can see from the pics below. We have been going through some difficulties over the last few days...I was in the bathroom today at the pool praying for wisdom on how best to discipline my sweet girl's strong will. Wow!...this parenting thing is tough! Nevertheless she is so sweet and such a little lovebug with a very hilarious personality. As I am finishing this post, she has woken up from her nap and is playing with old mail pretending they are letters from her Uncle Sean. She is sitting in front of me "reading" them saying things like "Emily I love you and I miss you. Love Uncle Sean. The end." and "Dear Daddy, have a good Uncle Sean. The end." As she is into letters these days, she is now looking at our last bank statement picking out letters on the page while telling me words that start with those letters. She cracks me up. Sometimes I wish I could run video 24/7 so that I could win some money off of her antics!

Hope you all enjoy your 4th!

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JSM said...

How many bathing suits can one child have? :)
Love you!
Having a great trip.. can't wait to share it all with you soon.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

ok I'm with Judy...that's the second bathing suit I've seen on her and it is precious. where do you find them? I am obsessed with lil girl swimsuits. You can never have enough! I am not all for the two peice versions but I saw one at Old Navy the other day and it was for a six month old and I nearly bought it, it was so funny to me. It had two triangles for a top and a skirt for a bottom, and on babies, well, it makes me laugh so hard for some reason. But back on the subject, glad you guys had a good 4th, and I am the same way ab taking things for granted!