Friday, February 22, 2008

Growing Up!

Big news here! Emily is in a real big girl bed now. We (ahem...Derek) moved the bed into her room a few nights ago. It is so cute seeing her climb into it, and frustrating at times, seeing as how little Miss Independance MUST do it on her own! We can read books with her on the bed now without the fear of collapsing her poor little toddler bed.

The bad news is the mess that is now in the baby's soon-to-be-room. It is a bit scary so the door is staying shut until I muster the stamina to tackle that organizational nightmare. I figure after we find out the gender, I'll feel a bit more motivated, although I'm sure I'll get in there and begin organizing before April.

So, just thought I would share about Em and her new big changes that she always seems to embrace like a champ. Sorry no pics again...hope to remedy that soon.


Laurie said...

Way to go Ems!

JSM said...

Yay Em! I'm happy to pass along my bed to such a cute little toots! :)