Thursday, September 13, 2007


I will be posting without pics for awhile. Unfortunately our computer is so full that I can't export any pics. I'm still going to try and figure out another way, but until we purchase another external hardrive, I think I am out of luck!

We have had a really great last couple of weeks. Emily had her first trip to Chucky Cheese's and she had a ball. I got to go to the Discovery Center for the first time with her (she went with her daddy a few weeks ago). We have had lots of visitors, which is why I haven't blogged as frequently. Emily spent some really sweet time with her Halmi and Grandpa and one of my dearest friends, Judy, spent last weekend with us. We also had some awesome overnight hang time with some of the youth girls. One of them is Ana whom Em dearly adores. Her name is actually the first name besides Momma, Daddy, and grandparent's titles that she has uttered. It is so sounds like "Ano".

Speaking of talking, she is talking up a storm. I wonder where that gene came from!!:) Haha!!! She is saying all kinds of things. It has really been so fun to see her speech developing. Even though we definitely have our moments of frustration (i.e. screaming at the top of her lungs) and drama (i.e. throwing herself onto the floor and crying), we have an immense amount of fun in our home. One of my favorite things is when we eat dinner together at night. Emily absolutely is mesmerized by anything her sweet daddy does. She laughs so hard sometimes that I think she will get sick! I just love watching them play with each other. I really feel so blessed by her little spirit. She is so independant and so sweet.

Today we played with Laurie's boys outside and just had a blast. There were tons of interruptions of course, but who cares when the time is filled with beautiful sun, bubbles, water, and sweet friendship. I love knowing that these friendships are not only mine, but Em's too. I hope she will still know these boys ten years from now, no matter where life takes us! If her affection for Owen endures, we might be seeing them for a long time!:)

On another note, two sets of friends had their babies and we are so thankful that the Lord blessed them with healthy little ones that are thriving! What an exciting time for them! We went to the hospital on Tuesday night to see Karleigh Hope and she is beautiful!! She has been desired for a long time and it is so sweet to see her finally here with her mommy and daddy! Emily was very well behaved at the hospital. I had tried to prep her about not touching the baby, but hello, she is 20 months old...what could I expect? She surprised me and actually listened and obeyed. She was very curious about Karleigh as she was when we visited little Baker at the hospital last week. I am so thrilled for our friends!

That's about all I've got for now. I am going to try to post some pics...we'll see what becomes of that attempt!

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