Friday, August 24, 2007

And...She Slept!

Emily slept all night last night! It seems yesterday was what I expected...a pesky and stubborn little canine tooth that won't push through. The other 3 are in, but this one was taking its sweet time to surface.

On another very, very exciting note...CONGRATULATIONS to our friends, The Baker's, on the birth of their new son, Brock Nicholas. I'm sure his two big brothers are ecstatic as well.

Today I get to prepare for another sweet friend's baby shower that we are hosting here at our home....babies are all over the place in the 'Boro! I'm super excited and with her permission will post pics. I can't give up what exactly we are doing, but I think it will be such an intimate and sweet time. long for now! I'm going to go and do all of the things I couldn't do yesterday!:)

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JSM said...

Keep the babies in the 'boro please...