Thursday, September 13, 2007

I forgot!

Because of our traveling, Emily's 18 month visit was about a month behind so I forgot to post about her appointment. She was much more aware of what the doc was doing, of course, which lead to some tears when we very first walked in the exam room. But, after she was weighed and measured, I think she actually had fun. Dr. Eastham is really terrific and let her play with the monkey on his stethescope and allowed her to use his pen which she loved. (She loves to write with pens these days!) She checked out well and weighed 25lbs 2oz and was 33 and 1/2 inches tall. We are very thankful for our healthy girl!

And...I don't know how I forgot this one, but Emily grabbed her diaper today, then went in the bathroom, picked up her potty seat, brought it to me, said something completely unintelligible and then put the seat on the toilet. Being the genius that I am, I took the hint. So...she peed in the potty for the second time. But then after getting completely soaked by the water hose at Laurie's today, I removed her pants and diaper for the stroll home and she peed in her stroller! So, I think I can hold off on the potty training for a bit longer!

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