Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sometimes when I look at her I think that she has changed so much and then I look at these photos side by side and am finally convinced that she hasn't been switched out this past year. Haha!! I think there is no question that she looks exactly like her daddy! The other day I was outside and our neighbor from all the way across the street yells over, "She looks JUST like her daddy!" Wow, tell me something that I haven't heard! Maybe one day we will have a baby that looks a tiny bit like her know since my body was responsible for the incubation process for 9 1/2 can only dream!!
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JSM said...

"Looks like her daddy"... what??? I'm sorry, have you not seen the CURLS on this kids head??? :)

Sara Jo said...

She is beautiful!!! There is nothing as peaceful as a sleeping baby!