Thursday, March 01, 2007

Daddy, Mommy, & Grandparents Celebrating the Day

Okay so I have had a really difficult time getting our pics to post, even though I thought I figured it out the other day...note to self, take a break from blogging and come back to it 3 days later! So, these pics are a bit out of order, but at least they are able to be seen, unlike the last ones that showed up with a big "X" in a box refusing to be viewed.

Below are just some random pics from Em's birthday. They include lots of family. I would love to post more pics, but I have had so much trouble that I think I am going to start fresh with a new blog entry, maybe tomorrow, focusing on something other than Em's birthday. It was a month ago afterall that these pics were taken..."thanks Mr. Blogger Elf in my computer that doesn't want pictures posted, you're awesome!" I digress! Tomorrow is a new day with new blogging opportunities. Yay for me! So, until then...

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JSM said...

So, I'm not trying to offend anyone from another culture, but what is up with the fruit pyramids in the first pic??? I kept scrolling down to see if anyone in the background had on one of those Chiquita banana hats!! :)