Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Friends Are So Helpful!

Those of you that know me well know I am not a technological person, to say the least! I do read directions and try very hard to follow them, but my attempts, when it concerns anything to do with the computer, usually result in frustration and failure.

A couple of weeks ago, I attempted to work on our blog and, as usual, was not able to accomplish what I wanted to do...POST PICTURES!!! These last pics that I posted form Emily's party took forever...I don't have that kind of time. A highly computer saavy friend of ours, sorry Jude not you, left a comment with recommendations and today I finally took them and guess what...It worked!!!! I am thrilled...so, all this to say that I have added a photo gallery to our blog. You can access it under the title "Places to Go" on the left hand side of this page. The Link title is "The Kramer's Photo Gallery."

I think that this will be an easy way for us to share lots of pics for you guys to check out. And I think that b/c it is easier and less time consuming, I will be more likely to update the pics more frequently. I need to give a big shout-out to Austin for this idea and for giving directions that I could actually understand. You have made my blogging so much easier...you're awesome. Thank you!

Enjoy the new pics!


JSM said...

Then where would we leave our whitty comments to go with the pictures (and by "we" I mean "me")

Karen said...

Yeah well, my blog visitors will have to be creative:) (and by "blog visitors" I mean "Judy")

BTW...I will keep posting pics, but only one or two at a time, b/c that is all it will "easily" allow me to do. So you can look at the gallery and leave them under the new pics:):) Aren't you glad I am a problem solver?