Friday, August 25, 2006

Judy Got "Hooded"

Yeah Judy!! These pictures are a little late, but hey look how long it took to start our blog. We had a great time getting to see Judy get her hood. We are so proud of her!!!! We know that it has been a huge sacrifice for her and Brett to walk through this time, but we also know that the Lord is going to bless them and use them in such amazing ways...all for His Glory! It is a joy and honor to have such precious friends that want to serve the Lord with the talents He has given them, even if it never means a house in the Waters. (That was just for you Dr. Judy Booty!) Although I think their mansion with The Big Guy upstairs will be way bigger than ours! Much love and congrats to the awesome Canadians that we love so dearly!!!!
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JSM said...

Karen, you know, we would have never made it through it all without you & Derek's prayers. It means so much to us that you had your friends praying for us all too. You guys are so special to us (and not just because you save us a ton of $ in hotel rooms...)
We love each of you dearly, and treasure our friendship. And you better bet your bottom dollar we're going to Honduras together one day, kids or no kids!! :)
It met so much to me to have the three of you at 'da hooding... so glad that the little ladybug could be there too!

JSM said...

PS- What a FABULOUS shirt... can I borrow it sometime?? :)