Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Got Behind!

Due to the fact that I got way behind updating our blog, I am posting this collection of random pictures taken over the last week. Some are from Sean's visit and the others are just hanging out at home. The picture of Emily in the green and pink is when she was really trying her best to move...somewhere, anywhere. She gets a bit frustrated these days because she is ready to be "on the go." But her body is having trouble following through with her brain's orders. The day that she was in that outfit was the day she went from sitting, to being on her knees, with her belly as the final destination.

I am thankful that at this point Emily seems to love reading. In the picture of us reading, she was intently listening to "Goodnight Moon" for about the 80th time.

I think one of my favorites is Emily sitting on her Daddy's shoulders. She LOVES to be up there! Although, it is a sacrifice for Derek as the other day she threw-up all over his head and shirt. It was not a pretty site! That is truly sacrificial love in action.

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judy said...

If way behind is defined as one week, then I'm WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy behind!! :)