Sunday, September 04, 2011

We Are Here!!!...Round 2!

After more than 25 hours, we are here at the hotel!  It felt very surreal driving back into the city and actually recognizing things and knowing where we were going.  Being back in Samuel's city is really wonderful!

So here we go again.  One difference this time is that there will be no goodbyes!  We get to see Samuel around 3pm tomorrow, which is around 7am TN time on Monday.  We will be taking the clothes and shoes that were donated.  Also, we will take the unbelievable amount of medicine (can't wait to post those pics tomorrow)!  After speaking with the director tomorrow, we will purchase multiple boxes of diapers and deliver them on Wednesday.  Please pray with us that somehow they will see the hand of God in this generousity from His people and that it will stir their hearts.  We pray that they will question why people would do this for these precious children and that we will be able to boldly proclaim Christ and the work of His hands!!!

We miss our sweet babies at home and of course it was so hard to leave them.  We know they are in good hands and that from the beginning of time, God had this road intricately planned, down to every detail, for our family!  We have peace in that.  Our hearts our humbled at the work of His hands and His absolute sovereignty!  His name is truly mighty to be praised and I so pray that while we are here His praise will continually be on our lips!!!  Thank you to each one of you for all of the ways you have involved yourself in this journey, which much sacrifice.  The beautiful part is that we get to speak of what God did and is doing and that He is actually using us....that blows my mind!

I have had this song on my mind for weeks and a sweet friend spoke words of encouragement to me the other day.  The words she spoke were almost word for word the verses of this song that have permeated my heart and mind.

"You are God alone from before time began, You are on Your throne, You are God alone"

You all know the rest I am sure and if you don't look it up on YouTube!:)  The words of this song speak so strongly of who God is!  "You are not a God created by human hands....You are not a God in need of anything I can give.  You are God, that's just the way it is!"

Please pray that paperwork is speedy.  Also, we will be in court while most of you sleep.  Our court appointment is Tuesday at 10am here....1am in TN!

Thank you friends for loving us and walking steadfastly with us!  We love each and every one of you!  More tomorrow!:)


Renee said...

Oh Karen, I am soooo happy for you, so happy you are there safely, ready to wrap your arms around that sweet boy! Friend, you are such a blessing, and I KNOW God in Heaven is smiling down on you now. Take care of each other and keep us posted. AND give that sweet boy a smooch from ME!!

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

oooo round2!! i have been so waiting for this for you all. you my dear girl and all your family are in my prayers! I'm with Renee in the smooch queue...your new boy is darlingxxxxx

Traci said...

Praying for you! Do you only have two trips for adoption? Wow, I am jealous :) I Can't wait to read more about your adventures!

Melanie said...

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! So eager to see how your trip goes and of course maybe one special little girl. Go Team Kramer!!