Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sharing Pics!

I know none of you came to hear me ramble so I will get right to it!:)

Samuel is eating a bit better and finally drinking.  We are seeing some self-soothing behaviors and sometimes he is most comfortable in his crib (thank goodness the hotel had one), which quite honestly is really hard for me.  It is a harsh reminder of where he has spent many many days.  Let me just be frank, I don't care how "okay" a baby house or orphange looks, IT IS NO PLACE FOR A CHILD!!! 

The last few days have been incredibly busy.  It looks like we are getting out of the country really fast, which is amazing.  That is whay we are so exhausted and a bit weary.  We think there is a very real chance that we could be leaving on Sat.!!!!  We should find out for sure by tom. and if so, we will go to the airport and change our flights.  I might have to sell a kidney for the airfare but it's all good...We want to get Samuel home!  He has an appt. with the DS clinic at Vandy next week and we are so thankful it is so soon!

We will let you know if our arrival is going to be on Sat.!  Pray hard!

Leaving court...finally the parents of Samuel James Kramer!
Picking Samuel up at the Baby House and saying goodbye.

Final walk through these doors!

In the car....not sure what he thought about that.

Back at the hotel in Smolensk.

Trying out his new spoon.

He has the sweetest little feet.

The sippy cup...that he won't drink out of:)

Flexible little guy....he has very little muscle tone in his legs.

He self-soothed for a long time to get himself to sleep:(

Asleep in Moscow...was pretty worn our after the last 24 hours.

Sweet dream will be home soon!


The Arnold Family said...

How precious! Lane still sleeps like that, we try and try to move him but he gets right back into that position ;). It's amazing how flexible they are

Melanie said...

Beautiful pictures! He is such a cutie! He looks just like he belongs with you two! Your facilitator must be a wonder worker. She needs to share her secrets with some others I could think of.

J Sam said...

That does NOT look like a happy kid. Or anything approaching a cute one.

The Moore Family said...

He is precious beyond words. What an absolutely beautiful little boy. :) We will pray he feels at home instantly upon entering your busy, wonderful home. I can't wait to meet him. I am praying for you guys in this adjustment. Just remember thousands (probably millions throughout time) have gone through the adoption process and it always seems discouraging and difficult at first, but God has a wonderful plan for Samuel and it will be in your sweet, precious family. He will be so loved, cherished and adored. Just cling to that through the hard times while he adjusts! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Renee said...

JSam, if you think a person can't get your IP address and link the hateful comments back to you, then you are very misinformed. If you are as clever as your comments it should be a very easy task to accomplish. Think before you type...for a change. Karen, this person spews hate on everyone, ignore and keep moving on. Much, much love, Renee

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

oh he is beautiful! the picture of you snuggled to him is so wonderful! i a cryingtears of joy for you all and want to get on a plane to snuggle him in person! i am so thrilled for

Kolby said...

This is so exciting! I just LOVE these pictures. He is so precious. I love the ones of him sleeping!! I'm praying for a safe and smooth plane ride home. So amazing that he will be able to meet his siblings soon. Praise be to our LORD for how he has worked in this whole journey!!