Friday, April 16, 2010

What's going on with the mini-Kramers!

We have been able to get outside more and enjoy the weather and get out lots of energy! If you know my kiddos, you know that is WONDERFUL!!! Specifically, Emily and Timothy are doing great. Timothy is saying more and more new things every single day. He LOVES to read and usually puts up quite a fit when he has to go to bed and his time reading is "all done." To say that TK is energetic is beyond an understatement! He is all boy. He loves to "sing" and dance. He loves to jump on the bed and the trampoline (and actually jumps with 2 feet off the ground...CRAZY!) He is extremely affectionate and loves to give kisses and hugs. He also enjoys pulling his poor sister's hair. But he is very quick to make-up with a big hug and what is supposed to sound like, "I'm sorry!" He climbs on everything and anything in between him and where he wants to go becomes an obstacle course for him and he ALWAYS chooses the path of least resistance:) A sweet friend let me borrow a book that has helped me to understand my sweet boy, his needs, and how God designed him and I have loved it. I highly recommend Wild Things-The Art of Nuturing Boys to anyone raising a little boy! Overall, our little guy is doing so well and we are loving watching him in this stage...we just wish we would stop bruising up his face and head with all of his crazy antics.

Emily is amazing and I love her more every day! She is reading now and it blows my mind how quickly she picks up on new things. About a month ago, she started gymnastics and has loved it. At times, she becomes frustrated in her class because she can't do things as quickly as she would like...she especially has trouble on the bars. Her favorite, of course, is the trampoline:) I am pretty sure that she has grown at least a couple of inches since Christmas. We can't believe how tall she is. She is still super strong-willed and independent and if that ever changed I would be so sad. She gives us a run for our money sometimes, but I couldn't imagine her being any other way. She is also one of the friendliest and most outgoing little girls I have ever known. She asks me every time we are in public if she can go say hi to a total stranger. She'll ask their name and then its like she has known them for years...cracks me up! Emily still loves all things boy. Just today she picked out blue Thomas the Train sunglasses. Don't get me wrong the girl loves her dresses, but she wants to wear tennis shoes with them and climb rocks. I LOVE that about her! One of her favorite things to do outside is find worms after a rain and put them back in the dirt so they won't die! Of course, she is currently super excited about Stella Grace's arrival. Emily puts up with a lot from her stinker of a brother and I can't even imagine how becoming a big sister again is going to help shape her into the little lady that God is calling her to be. She is SUCH a fun little girl and I am in awe of my love for her.

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Rachael said...

I was starting to wonder if you gave up on the blog....
Thanks for telling us about some of the things that our sweet niece and our adventurous nephew are up to these days. And of course the naming of baby #3, Miss Stella Grace. You and Derek put a lot of thought and prayer into the name and I love it.
I also of course cant wait to see our newest edition to the family, which is only like 3 months away!!!

Take care of yourself and I will talk to you soon.