Friday, April 16, 2010

Naming Baby Girl #3!

With each of our children, we have desired to put a lot of thought and prayer into their names. Names are so important to us and the process usually takes us awhile. We are so excited that we have a name for our newest baby girl.

When I opened my eyes this morning, I was immediately reminded of the day. My precious Great-Grandmother's birthday is today April 16. She was born in 1901 and lived a VERY full life. She loved telling stories to all of her children, many grandchildren, and many many great grandchildren...even to her great, great grandchildren...about all of the things that she had experienced throughout her life. And she was loved! Oh how she was loved! I don't know of any other person in my life that has been so loved, honored, and cherished by so many people as StellaGrindley ! She died at 102 and could not have had a fuller life. Most of all, she was a woman that sought after the Lord with her whole heart! So many people came to know Jesus Christ through her. I truly NEVER heard her speak an unkind word about another person. She had the sweetest laugh, was an amazing cook, always wore dresses, and I still can remember her smell! Mostly I remember the way she loved me. And the way she prayed for me. During my very hardest years, I know that it was her prayers before the Lord that eventually brought me to Him. Because of her steadfast faith, my life has been redeemed by an amazing Savior that she served wholeheartedly!

I have the sweetest memories of spending the night with her. I can remember the smells and the sounds and her sweet voice. My mind goes there so easily. She always told me that I was the only grandchild that she let sleep with her in her bed. I know now, as an adult, that may have not been the full truth but I really do still believe it!:) When I think of the legacy that she left, I am so encouraged and spurred on in my walk with the Lord. When I make decisions or struggle emotionally in my marriage or with my children, my mind goes to her. I think of what she would tell me if she were here and what her Godly wisdom would be. It sets my feet straight and clears my mind ultimately reminding me of what God desires my legacy to be! I cannot wait to hug her sweet neck someday in Heaven and rejoice before the Lord with her!!

Ironically, this sweet day was preceded by a difficult anniversary for Derek's family. Five years ago yesterday, Derek's Aunt and Uncle lost their lives in a car accident. They have 3 amazing kids that have walked a difficult road over the past 5 years. His aunt's death was obviously tragic and shook the whole family. Derek's sweet grandmother had to endure immense pain as she walked through the death of her daughter. It was so painful to witness. His grandmother is a strong woman though and I see joy in her now that wasn't there even just a couple of years ago. Though I don't have the memories of childhood with Derek's grandmother as I do with my own, I have known her since I was 21 years old. So over the past 13 years, I have thankfully made many memories with her and seen her gracefully walk through lots of hard things. She is a testimony of how the Lord consistently walks with us and never leaves us.

I love many things about Derek's grandmother. She has a really cute way of covering her mouth when she laughs. She is a very talented artist and still paints beautiful things. She is extremely generous. Even though, she speaks very little English, we KNOW that she understands A LOT more than she reveals as evidenced by her throwing out hilarious phrases like "take it easy!" She has mannerisms that I respect greatly. And she loves our children so incredibly much! They bring her so much joy and that fills my heart. Emily loves her Halmuhnee so much, and the fact that Timothy totally destroyed her house on our last visit and she still calls him a prince, blows my mind!! He will grow to love her immensely too! Most of all, I know that she loves the Lord and walks with Him. I want that for my children and am so thankful that she is that example to them. Derek's grandmother is the only great-grandmother our children will ever personally know and what a gift from the Lord she is to our whole family!!

Because of these two amazing women's lives and faith we have chosen to joyfully name our daughter after them. Baby girl is now Stella Grace Kramer! Stella is after my great-grandma and Grace is Derek's grandmother's "American" name that she took when she came to the states from Korea. We are so honored to know that our little girl will grow up knowing that she was named after these precious women! Lord, thank you for their faith in You and that You called them by name so that our legacy would be one that points to YOU!


The Moore Family said...

YAY! I LOVE it!!! And I'm so glad you got the name you wanted!!! :) Can't wait to rejoice over Stella Grace (and lots of other stuff) in less than a week when I get to hug you once again in person. I'm getting quite used to seeing you once a month, we're going to have to try to keep this up! :) Love you!

Dusty Brown said...

Love the name! Great, great choice, plus it has a special meaning to you. Even better!