Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Looking Back...

This was Emily Paige in the hospital...just a couple of days old. We had no idea how she would bless our lives! She is such a sweet little pumpkin...we love her so much and she will always be our first baby! I still can't believe she will be 4 in January!

Sweet little Timothy Michael! He was a mere couple hours old here and now he is tackling his sister! At 15 months, he is the strongest child I have ever been around! He gives the sweetest kisses and has the best laugh. We have loved how he has changed our family!!

I had to include this picture because his skinny little 5 lb. body just cracks me up!

A little over a year ago, we were unsure about what life would look like with 2 children. I look at this picture and just had no idea at the time how much our love for one another would grow over the next year. There have been challenges as we've grown, but the blessing in return is so worth it! God continues to change me and Derek through our children and our marriage has been strengthened. I feel like we are constantly undergoing a refining process and I love seeing how the Lord constantly molds us into what He desires!

Emily and Timothy were not planned, by our timeline. We trusted that God would provide and He faithfully has. I can remember a time when I was unsure if I would ever have children and now I stand amazed at the legacy of what our family is. God is merciful and blesses us in spite of us! Over the next year, we will be going through some more refining as we prepare our hearts and our home for Baby Kramer #3!!!

To say that we are thankful for this miracle just doesn't seem to be enough! But we are! We know that we are blessed and hope that we live and walk in the truth of that daily! Emily is of course thrilled at this news and well, Timothy, as you can imagine, has not a clue! Please pray with us for the health of this little one! He/She is about 8 weeks along and will get their first picture taken this coming Mon. Dec. 7. We will keep you posted! Thanks for loving us and walking this journey with us!!

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The Moore Family said...

SOOOOOO thrilled for you all, of course! Been meaning to call or email to see how you're feeling, etc. Hope all's well and looking forward to hearing about the appt. Love your post and the way you told the story of your family. I know this kiddo will be a huge blessing as well and we're praying for his/her health daily!

anna said...

how exciting, congrats! we will join you in prayers for good health in your new little blessing!

Jenny said...

This cracks me up!!! I've been suspecting as much for about 3 weeks now. I've even asked you if you could be pregnant! Either you're good at keeping the secret or you are really, really surprised! Can't wait to talk to you and hear more.

Raine said...

What great news!!! Congrats on this new blessing!~raine

paigemw said...

That is such AWESOME news! There must be something in the water at FBC... but so glad we are both drinking it!! You guys are in our prayers for a healthy new baby! Paige

Jada Scruggs said...

oh, wow - congrats!!! hope you are feeling well and look forward to watching your family grow:)

The Talbotts said...

Congratulations! I will keep you and your newest blessing in my prayers:)
Holly T.