Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Baby #3 is Looking Pretty Cute!

I have no pics to share just yet, but did want to update about our appt. on Mon. We got to see the most precious images of the baby!! Derek and I could not get over how adorable the pictures are. I know that sounds ridiculous because, let's be honest, who really knows what they are looking at in most early ultrasound pics. But, we can really see so much in the pics. It's little arm buds and belly and head are really cute! We also got to see the heart beating which was amazing!! It's heart rate was 176 bpm, completely normal for 9 weeks. It is so hard to believe that so many things are developed already. Even though this is our third little miracle, I can't get over every time how huge and awesome our God is!! The way He intricately and perfectly created us is something I will never cease to be overwhelmed by!!

Everything looked great and we are on target for a July 17th due date. I am feeling nauseous most days still and food usually looks so gross to me which makes things tons worse when I don't eat. I am craving salt like crazy and I still can't believe it, but the sight and smell of peanut butter is beyond revolting to me right now. If you know me at all, you know I usually LOVE PB! It actually makes me queasy to put that in writing.:) Making the kids lunches has been super fun..hehe!! Overall, I really can't complain. I am healthy and thankful!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers! We will try to get some pics up soon! The pic below is a baby at 9 weeks in utero...isn't is absolutely unbelieveable...probably about the size of a grape!!

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Anonymous said...

um, my b-day is july 17! that must be one pretty cool kid you're carrying!

anna :)