Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fun Pics Around the House!

My babies! sweet babies.! They are growing up so fast. Here are a few pics from around the house. I have more to post on some fun weekend trips that Derek and I have had...unfortunately not as a couple. But great times nonetheless. Hope you enjoy these and thanks for sticking with us, even though it takes a little more effort to get to us now!:)

This is how we found little man one night when we went into to "tuck him in." What a joke that is! He even moves around like crazy in his bed. I love that he is using his bumper as a pillow...and yes the bumper was tied to the crib. I just love how totally chill he is in this funny!

I am posting this because I loved his little outfit! Unfortunately for him, I am posting a pic of him pooping, as noted by the look on his face. I guess it's good the blog is private now so he can't be blackmailed some day..haha!

I made Derek take this picture because I have so few with me and the kids. Not that this is a good one, but at least it is evidence of my existence! I LOVE Em's sweet smile in this picture...she isn't doing that weird "say cheese" thing. She is my cutie pie! Oh and yes, I did chop off my hair!

In Emily's words, "yoot Mommy, he's yovin on me!" Translated "Look Mommy, he's lovin on me!" Sweet little things! I love watching their relationship grow and develop! I love my brothers very much and seeing their relationship reminds me of how thankful I was for my sweet and very protective brothers growing up! I pray that they will always be each others biggest fans and encouragers! I also hope TK gets massively HUGE so that he can beat up..ahem...I mean talk to any boy that comes within 5 feet of her!:)
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laurie said...

these are great...i do like your new haircut..don't know when you did it, but it's cute

rachael said...

Chopped it off again, looks good nice and CURLY!!!

Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

Love the do!!! Your kiddos are precious as always. Great talking to you today, wish it could have been for longer. Sorry about that. We'll catch up soon as soon as my life returns to normal??? :) love you

Benji and Rebekah said...

Love the new hair cut!!! (and the pics of the kiddos:)