Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Friends Like This.....

...are hard to come by! This post is a shout-out, tribute, thank-you, whatever you want to call it, to one of the dearest, most wonderful friends a girl could ever ask for! Judy Mitchell is an amazing friend! And me, being the terrific friend that I am (enter large doses of sarcasm here), missed her birthday last week! The day after her big day, I freaked and called with a ridiculously long and stupid apology. The point is, I missed it! So, in honor of J's b'day and her being the best friend I could ever ask God for, I have thought of 34 things that I absolutely love about her. (and of course, I had to add pics from over the last couple of years...Judy, you better be glad that I don't have any saved on my computer from Johnson days!:):) hehe)

Here goes (in no certain order):

1. She makes me laugh hysterically!
2. Her phone messages are long and random.
3. She always calls me on long car trips.
4. Even if I go weeks without talking to her, we always pick up as if we had had lunch together the day before.
5. She towers (long-legged thing) over me but I never feel smaller than her...ever!
6. She loves the unloveable.
7. Her husband is also one of my favorite people. (awww...I love you Big B!)
8. I have never, ever, ever felt judged by her and let me tell you...this girl KNOWS my junk!
9. She is honest!
10. I can tell her ANYTHING and trust completely that it will never leave her mouth.
11. Other people can tell her ANYTHING and she would never, ever share it with me.
12. She honors and respects her husband.
13. She teaches me about soccer...b/c I am a soccer dummy.
14. Her passion for loving on the people of Honduras fills my heart with joy and brings tears to my eyes b/c I know she is fulfilling Christ's commands with a truly glad heart!
15. Her "Mum Karen" is awesome.
16. She is Canadian...HELLO! (I could probably stop there:)
17. She still spells things as if she is STILL living in Canada...get over it J...we ain't French!:)
18. She will drive hours to show up for anything involving one of her friends and I do mean hours!
19. She is a straight-up hot mess in a bathing suit! (you are loving this huh, J?:)
20. She loves on my babies as if they were her own.
21. Her dedication to school and her dreams is so honorable.
22. If she tells you she'll do it, she does it!
23. She rarely wears pink! (she's no girly-girl) it!
24. Bless her...she listened to my colicky baby cry his eyes out and loved him anyway.
25. Occassionally, she brings me goodies from Canada. (did you get me Wonderbars this time around?)
26. Everyday that she goes to work, she has to physically, mentally, and emotionally love on people that are hard to love, but she does it anyway b/c it is her passion.
27. She is always on time.
28. She always remembers important dates and makes you feel super special.
29. She is THAT friend that will always tell you the truth when you need to hear it...even when she doesn't want to and even if it hurts a bit...
30. I respect her immensely!!!!
31. She is my sister in Christ and I will be able to worship at His feet with her for eternity!!!
32. She thinks I am funny (and Derek too for that matter:).
33. She can kick some serious butt in Spades without even trying! (including her hubby's;)
34. She is in love with her Lord and it resonates in every aspect of her life! are a blessing to me and so many others!!! I love you, love you, love you dear friend! Because of all of these things and much much more, you are a blessing to everyone who knows you and I consider your friendship a true gift!! Happy Late Birthday!!
(oh and by the way...don't expect a list like this when we are 90!)

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JSM said...

Okay, I seriously don't know whether to laugh hysterically, laugh out loud, or drive up to the Borough and slap your butt!
This is the sweetest thing I've gotten in a long, long time... thank you Karen! I love, love, love you too :)

Sara Jo said...

ooohhhh i have a great pic from the Johnson days of you two. Wish I could post it here!!!!

I haven't seen either one of you in years, and I still love you both dearly!!!

JSM said...

Yes, let's all just pause for a moment in gratitude that the Johnson pics have not been posted here, because you know what they say pay back is! :)
And let's clear up the fact that I'm not necessarily on time, I just get there before Karen...! :)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

this is very sweet. they look like naturals with babe in arms!