Monday, November 03, 2008

Elmo and the Orange-shirt Costume

Emily as Elmo and orange shirt!:) Both were equally adorable. When Emily talked about being Elmo, I thought it was a bit played out, but she was (in my humble opinion:) the cutest Elmo I have ever seen. Trick-or-treating was lots of fun. It was even more fun b/c we were with lots of our friends and of course "Untel Sean." Emily has driven us nutso asking for candy and I can't wait til it's might be making a premature exit:0...I know I'm cruel! But we all enjoyed ourselves and the special treats and most of all loved having D's brother here with us. The time always goes by so quickly, but we made great memories! I got a couple of cute pics on our camera too and may post some of those later, but at this current moment have been unable to locate our camera. Hope you all had a fun night!

Starting early!...Emily and sweet Caleb! What a cute little match!

Uncle Sean giving Ems a ride

I love this picture...the fact that the Elmo nose is so huge, you can't see Em's face and D and his bro are handsome guys...Timothy is bound to be a cutie-pie...just a little biased!

What more can be said?...He is soooo sweet! His smile keeps getting wider and wider each day!
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anna said...

i love the pic of em and caleb kissing, too cute! sounds like you guys had a fun haloween, i'm soo glad the ultrasound looked good...