Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Best Husband In The World!

The front porch of the Byrn-Roberts Inn.

In front of one of the (I think) 11 fireplaces, all with original early 1900 wood and tiles...Amazing!

In our room just hanging out!

On March 15, Derek and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary! It was a wonderful weekend. When I was gone to Virginia with Emily, Derek finalized our plans to stay at the Byrn-Roberts Inn here in Murfreesboro. When I came back home, Derek surprised me with the news. I was so excited! Of course, I looked forward to it all week and it was as wonderful as I could have imagined. When Derek was making the plans, he found out that our anniversary weekend was the last night that the owners were going to operate the Bed & Breakfast. We ended up being the last paying guests to ever stay in our room! We thought that was a pretty memorable occassion. We were also the last guests to ever get the tour of the house...it has a lot of history. It was a beautiful place with so many luxuries. I'm sorry that we won't be able to go again and that I can't recommend it to friends.

We had an incredible time away together and I am so thankful that we did it! It was so fun and romantic! Thank you Derek for a wonderful weekend that I will always cherish and remember!!! I love you and look forward to as many decades together as the Lord blesses us with. You are an AMAZING husband and father! As Emily would say "Thanks Babe!":)

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JSM said...

Good job D!!
{and thanks for donning the robes for us in that last pic}