Monday, December 10, 2007

I Can't Stop Blogging!

I don't know what has gotten into me tonight! I promise this is it for the night. Actually, I have been meaning to post the pics below of Em goofing off since Thanksgiving. I figure a 1 month hiatus from blogging was more than unacceptable so I felt the need to play catch-up.

Below you will find multiple posts that show Emily being her typical self...completely goofy and hilarious! I also updated the photo album.

But most importantly, the Kramer's finally had some professional photography done and let me just say that it was so worth the wait! I have to give huge props to Lauren Gill, an amazing photographer out of Franklin. She is so talented and wonderful to work with. If anyone reading this needs photos taken professionally, you really should contact her. Even if you don't know me personally, I would love to fill you in on her work. She has taken photos of at least 5 families that I personally know and they are all enough rambling, you can see them for yourself. Lauren absolutely captured Emily's personality in these priceless!

Check them out at Once on the homepage, Enter Site and then click on Clients. The code to enter is K120807

Lauren also took our family photos at the end of October so there is a separate code for that. I believe it is K102707. If you are family, you might be getting these as gifts so if you have a favorite, let me know!:) Enjoy...hope you like them!!

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