Monday, December 10, 2007

Daddy's Girl...

Words just can't express how much I love that Emily is her Daddy's girl! Derek loves her so much and they are just too sweet together. On a funny note, I emailed Derek at work today to tell him this cute story. We had been at the grocery store and had just gotten home when I went to get Ems out of her car seat. About the time I picked her up, the neighbor turned on his lawnmower (yeah, I know its December) and Em's eyes shot open so huge. She started saying Daddy, Daddy. So sweet...she thought Derek was home and mowing the grass. Poor baby has no concept that today is Monday. When I told her that it was our neighbor and not Daddy and then showed her the neighbor, she looked so sad. I definitely burst her bubble! It took her a few minutes to get over it. How wonderful to have a Godly husband and father that loves us so faithfully! We truly are blessed beyond measure. Thank you Lord for my sweet Derek!
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