Saturday, November 10, 2007

My First Haircut!!!

Emily finally had her first haircut about a month ago. She kept waking up from her naps and in the morning with the biggest fuzzball ever on the back of her was long overdue! She was really great. A friend recommended (was it you Laurie?) cutting her hair in the bathtub and it worked so well. She was completely distracted and wasn't covered in hair when I was finished. For those of you wondering why I attempted this feat myself; let's just say that when you have curly hair and have a daughter with curls, you learn to be VERY cautious with the scissors!!!:) Most hairdressers are NOT cautious enough with scissors. I wasn't willing to risk it. I hardly cut any length off but it made the ultimate fuzzball less afroish and much easier to comb through. Derek was a bit concerned with my skill level though after his scalping a few years back...I still vehemently stick to my guns that he moved during the trimming and I was not at fault. (hehehe:) Incidentally he still lets me trim his hair every now and then (i.e. when he is absolutely desperate)!!!



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