Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Thanks Uncle Sean!

Let me just begin by stating two things: #1 Em REALLY wanted to tuck the shirt in, #2 Em REALLY wanted to put this denim hat on with this outfit!

Okay, so with that out of the way...let me explain! Derek's brother was too sweet to send Emily her very first soccer uniform. He was living in Amman Jordan this Summer and on his travels, he picked this up for Emily. I think he bought the smallest one he could find but it is still too big. One day last week, I was going through Emily's clothes (nothing fits her legs anymore). As the pile of things that no longer fit grew and grew, I decided to see if this get-up would work as her Halloween costume. I mean how cute would that be with a pair of tiny cleets? Unfortunately we discovered that it was more than a bit too big. The shirt came down mid-calf length. But Emily decided that she wanted to play in it for awhile, so I let her have her wish. She ran around like crazy in her little uniform. It was so funny. That is when she found this random hat that she has never even worn and started dancing around saying "Mommy, hat, hat! Emmy, hat, hat!" I grabbed the camera and took a pic of her lovely outfit complete with healing-green-purple-stage-back-eye (see previous post). What a lovely sight she was!!! To top it off...I am fairly sure I had yet to comb her hair that morning as well!
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Elizabeth S said...

What cute pictures! I am not quite sure how I found your blog, but I recognized the Discovery Center pictures. I live in the Boro, too! Anyway, thought I would say hi. Feel free to visit me at www.elizabethshirley.blogspot.com. Have a great day!

JSM said...

This is when I would normally fuss at you for not having any updated posts on your blog, but since I've also been quite the slacker as of recent... so I'll just say hiya! :)

Katie and Dan said...

Hey! She's so cute. Love the new pics! Will we see you in Nashville in a couple of weeks??? I hope so!