Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Emily's First (and hopefully last) Black Eye

This is how it went down (literally)...Emily grabs the tray of her WOODEN high chair and pulls it over which results in the entire high chair crashing to the floor. The solid wooden tray hits the floor, pops off, and hits her square in the eye. All this while I am standing about 1 foot away. It was like it all happened in slow motion...I just couldn't get there fast enough! By the time I reached her, she was laying on the kitchen floor with the tray and chair somewhat on top of her. She cried and cried...I did too! We knew she really was hurting because she usually is pretty tough and doesn't cry when she falls...she gets up most of the time and literally brushes herself off. After lots of ice and some sweet time with Daddy holding her, she was okay. The worst was when she would scrunch up her eye and say "Ow, Owie." That pretty much made me feel like the worst mom in the world, but thankfully her eye is all healed now. It definitely looked a lot worse before it got better!
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