Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Please Pray With Us Tonight!

Absolutely longing to hold this child again!


We need you prayers!  Our son and other children in his baby house need your prayers!

Our son's country is ahead of us by 9 hours...clock is on the right hand sidebar.  So tonight as we are sleeping, our facilitator (incredible woman) will meet with the judge that we will soon stand before and ask permission for a court date so that we may ask permission to bring Ivan Samuel into his forever family!

Will you please pray that we have favor with this judge?  Specifically:

 ***Pray that we will not have to submit any more paperwork!  We have spent a little over $600 in document prep. and mailing in the last month or so. 

***Pray that our court date will be soon!!  From the very beginning, we have begged that God would allow him to be home for his 2nd birthday which is Sep. 28th!

***This is a BIG one!!!  Please please please pray that Ivan's region will waive our 10 day waiting period, drastically reducing the time we are in country.  That means so much if we don't have the 10 day waiting period...expenses, logistics with children at home, travel with Ivan Samuel, me being in country by myself, paying for childcare while I am away for 3 weeks, and on and on... Plus, I won't lie, I am a little scared to be there by myself for that long.

***Pray that our adoption swings the door WIDE open to more adoptions of children with special needs and of course with Down Syndrome in his region.  Pray that God is glorified and magnified in our decision to adopt Ivan Samuel and that people will see HIS hands all over us and this story of redemption. 

***And please pray the judges heart will be soft towards us and families coming behind us in the same journey.

I can't tell you what your prayers mean and we will post as soon as we get word....oh Lord, please let that be tomorrow.  Until we hear, we will attempt to rest in His perfect timing!


Katie said...

we are praying for you guys. i have just told dan your requests and we will be praying tonight for mercy through these last steps. love you guys.

The Moore Family said...

PRAYING!!!!! :) Love you!

Lisa Marie said...

I'm praying with you, friend...strength and for His Grace to continue to establish and ground you as you wait.
Lots of love. Lisa

Cynthia said...

I just found your blog...what adorable children! I had to call my daughter over to look at them! :-) Sending our prayers and love.... I am hopeful that we will be as close as you are with our twins very soon!