Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Baby Girl Had a Fun 1st Birthday!...

too bad I can't show pictures to prove it.

As I loaded the SD card in the computer last night to post on sweet little Stella Grace's first birthday party, my heart sunk!  The computer kept saying that the card needed to be formatted.  What?  So I put it back in the camera to see what would happen....said the same thing.  I had just used the camera with that card the day before so I was baffled.  All to say that we think there is a good chance that the pictures from Stella's very first birthday are lost.  I honestly am trying to keep perspective about that but I really feel like I could throw up.

If anyone has ever had something similar happen and you have an idea of how to save or retrieve the pics, please le me know.  I am just sick about it and want so badly to have those memories of our baby girl's fun day!  Thanks in advance if anyone has any idea of how to help.

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The Tiny Team said...

Your daughter needs to be a baby model!!!