Friday, March 25, 2011

Will You Please Watch This and Pray!!

There aren't many words needed once you watch this video.  A family much like mine, in the process of adopting their precious boy, in the same country as Ivan, went (after a long drawn out wait) to their son's country for court thinking they were on the verge of bringing him home...only for the judge to say "NO!" 

The family is in the process of appealing, but they have to appear before the same exact judge and the same prosecutor.  PRAY THAT A MIRACLE WOULD HAPPEN AND THEIR SON, KIRILL, BE ALLOWED TO COME HOME TO HIS FOREVER FAMILY!!!

This video was taken when they first met their speaks for itself!  It will move you to pray.  These children that have been regarded as unworthy of adoption have love in their hearts because they were formed in the image of their Creator.  They are worthy!  Please watch this precious precious video and pray your hearts out...I beg you!


The Moore Family said...

YES PRAYING! In tears praying...

anna said...

oh dear lord, please set the lonely in families. god you are mighty to save.