Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Loving on Sveta and Her Family...

Hey Friends out there!  I have a request!

There is a family in the midst of an adoption of a precious little girl named Sveta.  They are at almost the exact same place in the process as our family and Sveta, like Ivan, has special needs and is in Eastern Europe.

Raising the amount needed to bring our little ones home COULD be overwhelming if we didn't have absolute unwavering faith that God has lead us into this and He will provide.  It will be sacrificial on our parts and we know that others will feel the call to help as well.  Our family has already witnessed this with a small fun little fundraiser that we began on Facebook that has already raised almost $300 and more to come in matching donations!

Raising money is hard.  I have found the hardest part to be keeping it all straight in my head.  With the dossier beast that I am currently slaying and the homestudy beast that is currently under foot, raising money can seem overwhelming!  The thought hits me at times...oh yeah, we have to actually raise over $27k to bring our boy home...it feels like a ransom!  Sometimes it all feels like too much....BUT GOD!!! 

What a beautiful picture when the church...God's people ALL chip in and give!  EVERY.LITTLE.BIT HELPS!!!  I cannot stress that enough.  I gave our 10 bucks today to Sveta and it wasn't much but I know that God will multiply it like crazy!  So please head on over to this family's blog...give them 5 bucks to bring their little girl home...this current fundraiser they are doing is soo cute and fun!  And will serve as a beautiful reminder to Sveta and her family how people that they didn't even know helped bring her to her forever family!


Me said...

Oh Karen....tears. It seems all I do lately is cry! Tears of joy though my friend. Thank you so much for spreading the word. What a glorious day it will be to see both of our babies home!

patsy said...

still praying for your sweet boy to hurry and get home! and i finally remembered to donate and we will be back :)