Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thankful Today!

Today I was watching my kids play and was overwhelmed with thankfulness! And I started really reflecting on how good I have it! Our family life is similar to most...committments to honor, schedules to meet, misunderstandings with communication, and the stress and struggles that accompany all of those things. Unfortunately, I tend to lose focus of all God has placed in my very undeserving hands.
Today I am thankful! I am the wife of a Godly man, a committed man, a man that I am proud of and am very much in love with! I am the mommy of a smart, vivacious, tender-hearted, precious three year old girl who makes my heart swell with emotion and love. I am the mommy of a busy, smiley, funny little guy that has stolen my heart and who has changed me forever. Today I am so thankful!

Perspective is a funny thing. Nothing special happened today. Nothing out of the ordinary shook my thinking or emotions. Nothing special came by way of mail or phone. Yet...still today I am very thankful!

I am undeserving, but God is gracious and so today I am thankful!

"From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another."~John 1:16

This is what makes my heart swell with thankfulness today!...

Sweet baby boy!

My precious girl!My most amazing husband in his element...just one of the reasons I love him so much and feel overwhelmed that I was chosen to be his bride!

Like I said...I AM thankful today!!


laurie said...

that makes me smile! glad you have savored your day..

Katie said...

and you should be thankful! you are a blessed woman and i am thrilled for you. you are much loved!

Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

what a great ministry reading your blog was for me today! i too am blessed and i thank you for reminding me of that. i've gotten lost today in the stress and overwhelm-ment of being broke and having lots of bills and expensive insurance. thanks karen, i love you. as always, thank you for being a voice from God in my life.

Watson Warriors said...

Amen sista! Perspective is an amazing thing! Thank you for convicting me! JK! Thank you for reminding me to step outside myself!