Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Man's Dedication

Timothy's Dedication was a few weeks ago. I know, how terrible that I am just now posting pics! However, I did spend 1 whole day attempting to upload the actual video of his dedication...(I will keep trying.)

It was an extremely special day for us! We love this little guy so much! I will keep it brief and just let you look at the pics. Below is what we prayed over him and asked our church family to pray for him as well. What a blessing and honor to have so many people stand with us, committing to help lead Timothy to the Father so that he may realize his need for God and receive His forgiveness, grace, new life, and righteousness!

"Our hope and prayer for Timothy is that he would recognize his need for a Savior at an early age and that God would use his joyful and winsome personality to reflect Christ to all people...that in all circumstances, as Habakuk prayed, his joy would be found in God his Savior alone and that the LORD would be his strength."

We love you sweet boy!

Lots more pics in the photo album....AND coming soon...update on our visit with Uncle Dana!!! Only some of you will laugh at that, but what a surprise you will get when you read how the visit went!:):) btw...Uncle Dana, your presence has DAILY been requested over breakfast!!! haha!!


Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

Oh wow, Timothy is getting to be such a big boy! He looks so different from when I last saw him at Thanksgiving... but still so adorable!!! I love Em's pigtails too, precious! You have such a beautiful family! Love you guys, talk soon!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

how sweet. can't believe how big he is! how big they both are!

Watson Warriors said...

Yea for baby knee highs! Josh about killed me when I did it for Bakers dedication!

Gerry Ann said...

What precious pictures! I know Timothy's dedication was such a special time. Timothy and Emily are truly blessed to have you and Derek as parents who are giving them such a firm foundation for their faith. How sweet it was to read in an earlier post about the talks you have with Emily about God, about the times you pray with her, and about the many life lessons you are teaching her. Cherish these impressionable times you have with her--and with Timothy. In the blink of an eye, they will both be grown!

asimplereverie said...

super cute! i'm sad we missed church that day, must've been working. what a smile that guys has!

Katie said...

PRECIOUS family.