Tuesday, August 05, 2008

37 Weeks and a Visit With the Moore's

We had such a terrific weekend that began with hanging out with the rest of the youth leaders overnight on Friday. We did some training and a personality thing involving colors that was amazing. It was tons of fun and somewhat exhausitng in the heat! (at least for me:)

On Sat. we finally got to see our dear friends Kevin and Ginny! They have been here visiting from Cali where Kev is in Seminary and they got to the 'Boro on Sat. With all of the family they had to see, their visit was right around 24 hours, but Derek and I agreed that we'll take that! It was better than nothing...Kevin and Ginny thanks for making the major extra effort to get to Murfreesboro...we know it was taxing!! We love you guys and miss you ridiculously already!

Emily got another absolutely precious dress from my great aunt who is so gifted. She used to make clothes like this all the time and now it truly is a labor of love, but she continues to make them for the kiddos in our family. What a treasure and precious gift to have something from her very own hands. I thought Emily was so cute in this dress so I had to post these pics! And this is about as good as it will get for a 37 week pic. We have another appt. this morning and I will post on Junior's progress (if there is any:)

Heading out the door for church!

My Cutie Pie!

Emily reading with Emma (Em thinks Emma is just the greatest and Emma is so sweet to Emily).

Some of the girls that got to hang out with Ginny and Kevin on Sun. We had such a great time!!
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asimplereverie said...

too cute! i love to see little girls who are not afraid to wrestle!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

shes so sweet. and you look SO cute!