Saturday, January 19, 2008

Running Around in Undies...Elmo Style!

Potty-training has officially begun at the Kramer's! Emily and I ventured out to Target on Thursday to select new underwear (sorry, I don't say "panties"...I grew up with 3 boys) and of course Ems picked out the Elmo and Zoe pack! She was so excited that it was a struggle to get her to stop taking them out of the package. She held them the whole way home in the car.

So we were in full swing yesterday morning and it was difficult at times...I had to clean up some pee pee a few times, but after her nap she started going to the potty like a champ. She thankfully made it through her nap yesterday and all night last night without any accidents. I really couldn't believe it! This morning she went multiple times and even climbed onto the potty by herself. I think the next hurdle will be the poop issue. I am sure it will be a little freaky to do this action into a big white hole when she has pooping in her pants for the past 2 years! I could totally tell that she was feeling the need to poop this morning. So, I waited and waited and still nothing. We'll see how it goes this afternooon. Either she will take on the big scary white hole and get a sucker or Elmo will be needing a serious bath. Either way, I am so very proud of her for being such a big girl! If this whole potty-training in 3 days thing works, I'll let you guys know.

Onto other Kramer happenings, Baby #2 is getting ready to go into his/her 9th week of development (really 7 weeks). I feel very similar to how I did with Emily. I have lost my appetite a bit and certain foods, while not making me actually toss my cookies, really sound gross to me. Although, I told Derek right before we went to bed the other night that I was craving fried chicken. Not just any old fried chicken, but the chicken from my grandma's restaurant in VA. I don't guess I'll be fulfilling that craving any time soon!:) I am seriously considering calling Cracker Barrell for take-out tonight! The other thing that is really strange, keeping in mind that I am pregnant in the completely opposite season, is that I cannot get warm. I feel like I am constantly freezing. Last weekend when Derek and I got home from church, I put on thick velour pants, a long sleeve t-shirt, sweatshirt, and got under 2 blankets and was still cold. Ridiculous!!

Well...the stinker is due to wake up soon and until she retreats for the night, I'll be following her like a magnet to be sure that we really follow through on the potty thing. I never thought I would be so animated about pee and poop...ahhh, a mom's's a beautiful thing!:):) I am thankful for every second of it!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the baby!!!! We are expecting our first one due this July.. Scary... Love ya-Raine

Lauren Gill said...

Preggars??? Aw! I'm so excited for you guys. And good luck with the PT ... I know you are trying to get one out of diapers before a new pooper enters the house!

Joshua Baker Watson said...

sorry I am just catching up. Love derek's face......priceless!