Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lovin' these warm days

It has finally been warm enough to play outside a little bit. We got to enjoy it for a few minutes the other day. Unfortunately, Emily's nose was dripping like a faucet and she wasn't napping well nor was she in much of a mood for us to snap pictures.

Em had her 15 month check-up last week and she is doing well. We are so grateful for her good health and growth. She is a whopping 22lbs. and 31 inches tall. She got shots, which totally stunk, but I think her Daddy has recovered. Hah! The shots are always harder on us. Like clockwork, the doc said she might have symptoms from one of the shots and exactly one week later...surprise!!!...fever and runny nose. Who knows, it could be teething or a cold. I just know she's not her normal self. Otherwise, healthy as a horse!

She is still a bit clingy when I leave her, but it is so much better. For the first time, since she has became more aware of my disappearing acts, she didn't so much as sigh when I dropped her off at her MOPS class or at church this past week. I was so proud of her!

That is pretty much it on the Emily front these days. She runs around like I have laced her yogurt with crack and she makes us laugh hysterically. One thing that she isn't lacking is personality! Hope all is well with everyone...thanks for checking in on us!

~Oh yeah...we got some cute video finally up on the blog! And, I added some new pics. Just click on the link to the left! Make sure your sound is turned up b/c she is trying to talk and it is too funny!~
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter was "Egg"cellent!

As told by the cheesy title of this post, we did have a terrific Easter! I can't pass up the opportunity for a pun when I get the chance. Our Sunday morning worship was amazing and then we were blessed to hear an awesome teaching on forgiveness out of the book of John. As we were getting ready Sunday morning, Derek reminded me that we should really focus that morning on what that day celebrated. While that seems obvious, I admit that it is so easy to get caught up in what you are going to wear on that first-dressy-colorful-as-an-Easter-egg-dress(or skirt)-that-you-would-normally-never-wear-and-probably-won't-again-until-next-Easter-outfit. But, I really heeded the advice of my wise husband and began to focus of what we really were celebrating. I am so thankful for the forgiveness that Christ has extended to me. I have done nothing to deserve it and never could earn it on my own. So, the question on my heart and mind the last few days is "do I forgive freely?" I would encourage anyone reading to ask themselves the same thing. And then if you want to hear an AWESOME sermon, you can click on my link to Fellowship Bible Church. You can listen to it online and I promise it is so worth it!

The rest of the day was filled with fun. We went to my mom's house where she had prepared her usual amazing dinner followed by an egg hunt for Emily. I am pretty sure that Em had no clue of what she was doing, but it is a sweet memory, nonetheless! We also got to hang out with my uncle and his wife and two twin little cousins who are getting so big. AND......................I believe some of the sweetest news that we received on Sunday is that a new little girl was welcomed into the world on, I did not secretly have baby #2!!! Caroline Kesi Baker was born on Easter. WOOT! WOOT! for Benji and Rebekah...we miss our sweet friends and are thrilled for them! We praise God for His miracle of life! You can check out pics of their new baby girl by clicking on Rebekah's link. She is a cutie pie!

I have also updated our photo gallery and will update again soon with some video of the little munchkin. She is doing some hilarious things these days. Be sure to check back frequently! We love everyone.........

Easter Sunday

Emily with her daddy...I love this picture!

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