Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lovin' these warm days

It has finally been warm enough to play outside a little bit. We got to enjoy it for a few minutes the other day. Unfortunately, Emily's nose was dripping like a faucet and she wasn't napping well nor was she in much of a mood for us to snap pictures.

Em had her 15 month check-up last week and she is doing well. We are so grateful for her good health and growth. She is a whopping 22lbs. and 31 inches tall. She got shots, which totally stunk, but I think her Daddy has recovered. Hah! The shots are always harder on us. Like clockwork, the doc said she might have symptoms from one of the shots and exactly one week later...surprise!!!...fever and runny nose. Who knows, it could be teething or a cold. I just know she's not her normal self. Otherwise, healthy as a horse!

She is still a bit clingy when I leave her, but it is so much better. For the first time, since she has became more aware of my disappearing acts, she didn't so much as sigh when I dropped her off at her MOPS class or at church this past week. I was so proud of her!

That is pretty much it on the Emily front these days. She runs around like I have laced her yogurt with crack and she makes us laugh hysterically. One thing that she isn't lacking is personality! Hope all is well with everyone...thanks for checking in on us!

~Oh yeah...we got some cute video finally up on the blog! And, I added some new pics. Just click on the link to the left! Make sure your sound is turned up b/c she is trying to talk and it is too funny!~
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Sara Jo said...

Did you really think that she would lack personality with the genes running through her veins?????

JSM said...

For real... she has drama queen prodigy child written all over her!!

Laura said...

She is incredibly beautiful. Do you just find yourself staring at her sometimes?

Uncle Dana said...

The video of her COMPLETELY cracks me up. My favorite part is when she just decides to start talking. Whatever she's saying is VERY important for Derek to hear. I almost fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard (yes, I need to get out more, I agree).

She is beyond adorable.

Benji and Rebekah said...

She is so beautiful. I love her hair and the snot rocket. That was awesome!