Saturday, May 12, 2007

Curly Top!

Speaking of hair (see blog below), she may look like her daddy, but Judy is sooo right, that is her mommy's hair. Yessss!!!!! She is my child! I was begining to think that whole pregnancy and labor & delivery thing was a figment of my imagination, or that I was actually on the island with Sun, Kate, and Juliette and something weird was going on that noone could figure out with my baby...sorry non-LOST watchers, you're missing out! All is well at the Kramer's! Emily is an independant little comedy routine that wanders around our house.

New Video and Pics are up and running...peace out!!
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JSM said...

She sure is full of Foster-curls!!!

Uncle Dana said...

what a Q-T!

She reminds me of Diandra when she was little with those blonde curls.

Sara Jo said...

I love her curls!!! Savannah is destined to have stick straight hair. Way to go on your locks of love cut! It looks so cute.