Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Emily's 1st Birthday...Korean Style!

I am so excited that the new version of Blogger will finally let us share the joy of Em's big day with all of you guys!!! (No sarcasm there!) I am just so thrilled that it is finally letting us post pics again. Judy was right, as usual, Blogger fixed itself and now the world is well!!

What a fun time it was to celebrate with all of the family in VA! It is difficult being so far away and we loved being able to share Em's big day with all of her family. There was great food and Karaoke (see pics that follow...YIKES!) and sweet time with family. We tried to follow some of the traditional Korean 1st birthday customs. She wore a traditional Hanbok that her Uncle Sean bought her last year in Korea and we ate lots of yummy Korean food. We akso ate "Duk" which is basically a soft type of rice cake. She sat at a table that is a close copy of what would be used in Korea. It was covered with fruit and the Duk.

Em's Uncle Brandon lead us in prayer and spoke about the importance of raising our children to know the Lord. It was beautiful! We are so thankful to know that we can go to the Father on behalf of each other's children and stand together to bring them up in the full knowledge of the Lord!

The main attraction, so to speak, was a traditional ceremony in which the baby sits on a bamboo mat and crawls to different items all signifying something of the child's future while everyone waits with anticipation to see what she will choose first. Emily's choices were string, money, a book, pencil, computer mouse, microphone, and rice. Emily took her time choosing but eventually picked up the computer mouse, which signifies education . When Derek had his party, he selected the pencil which also signified education. If she is anything like her Daddy, I will be thrilled!! We all already know she looks just like him!

It was a great night that Emily's "Halmee" put a lot of preparation and time into. We will always cherish both of Emily's birthday parties. We cherish even more the joy, love, and laughter that she has brought to all of our lives. She is a precious child that we love dearly!

Now, what are we going to do next year...haha! I kid, I kid!!

Karaoke at its WORST!

I think that the owners of the restaurant were happy to see or "hear" us go. It was a hysterical and somewhat scary performance. Great times and major migraines had by all!

Emily's cousins and Uncle Dana were rockin' out! Sometimes it is really hard to tell who the kids are when Uncle Dana is around...just kidding Dana! (They all love him dearly.)

My beautiful niece sang her heart out. If it wasn't for her nerve to get up and sing, I don't think the rest of us would have.

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